Hear directly from a few of my recent clients about their DFinney experience!



Our shoot together was my very first time being in front of the camera in a professional manner, and I learned a lot about natural light, angles and colors with just casual conversation! Danielle is one of the sweetest people I've ever met but her professionalism impressed me the most... this lady knows her stuff. Her personality allowed me to come out of my comfort zone and we had an amazing time together! ~Moremi Adetunji. Houston, TX


"When I say 'ahhhhmazing' I mean it!!! Danni is absolutely incredible, making you feel so relaxed and authentically you, while capturing moments and shots that are take-your-breath-away 'wow'! She has such an amazing eye and gift that you don’t find everyday. I recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer who is a true professional and the 'real deal'!."
~Andrea Ashcraft.
Washington, DC


"I had the most amazing experience with Danielle! She is extremely professional, yet personable and she was sensitive to our concerns and circumstances. I was nervous about wrangling two young children, but the shoot was a great experience- she put us at ease and brought out the best in everyone. And the photos...WOW! I was blown away by the results. Each and every photo is a beautiful work of art. I am beyond happy with the results and look forward to being a regular client."
~Tina Suliman.
Washington, DC


"My experience with Danielle was fun and exciting! Before meeting her, I could feel a sense of joy and warmth about her just by her work alone. I had the opportunity to pose as a model for one of her mentoring sessions in DC; she is an amazing photography and posing instructor! Danielle's creativity and passion for photography truly reflects within her work. I look forward to working with her again in the future." ~Kenyetta Hudson. Washington, DC


"Danni is an awesome artist with a creative eye. She was able to translate my ideas effortlessly! We had so much fun during the shoot, I never really felt like I was posing she was only capturing me being myself. The best compliment that I received about the pics, 'You look so organic all natural!' Danni is a rock star photographer!"

Celena Lynn Gill. Washington, DC


"Danni. what an incredible young woman! My experience with DFinney Photography was EVERYTHING!!! She gave me so much more than I had expected, but most importantly, she shared QUALITY information with me that has dramatically cut time off of my post production process as well as several "ah ha" moments that gave me back my confidence that I personally had lost over the years of fading in and out of my craft. No fluff, just straight facts and hands on information. A little bit of general, but mostly filled with knowledge that I was lacking in my personal progression. Words can't express how appreciative I am for this opportunity to have a one on one with a like minded creative being. A wise investment indeed! For anyone considering formal education but you're just not sure about formal settings, a one on one just might be the way for you to go as well."  

-Tiffany Josephs Alexandria, VA



"I was beyond excited when Danielle released the dates for her Atlanta Mentor Sessions and she did NOT disappoint. The day flowed flawlessly and was filled with lots of hands on instructions and laughs. I loved the interaction with Danielle and the group. Everything that was once complicated for me suddenly became simple. I walked away with more knowledge and more faith in myself to take my photography skills to the next level. I am grateful for the experience and it is one that I will cherish and take with me always. Thank you, Danielle for being such an inspiration!"

-Merical Lewis Atlanta, GA

"Danielle is so awesome. She takes her time to hear your needs and address your concerns thoroughly. I love how she made sure we were fully grasping the techniques, which by the way made photo taking so simple. Seriously, if you don't learn anything from these sessions, it's your fault. 
It was such a treat working with Danni as she made it a relaxed, and extremely comfortable environment. If you're weighing your options, go ahead and throw the others put of the window. DFinney is the way to go. What are you waiting for??"

-Asha Welsh Washington, DC

"I didn't really walk into the experience with expectations but I was ready to learn any and all that I could from Danni and the other mentees. I really appreciated the size of our group and that we were free to share and experiment while the workshop took place. Danni is always very open and honest. I love that. It was like sitting around with a few girlfriends who have the same passion and respect for our craft."

-Keyonna Pitchford Little Rock, AR

"My experience was wonderful! She made me feel very comfortable with her during our mentoring session which made me open to ask any question I had. She showed and explained different aspects of photography in such a simple way to grasp. It was truly a great experience and I wish I could just tag along with her everywhere she goes and just watch and listen to her! Danielle is very friendly while still able to maintain professionalism. I can also see that my photography skills have definitely increased since my session. Lastly, I thought it was the best thing ever when Danielle started a mentoring group on Facebook! I can't thank her enough! She's awesome!"

-Maryam Roz Washington, DC


"Though I was a little nervous the morning of our mentor session, that quickly changed when I reached our first location and everything got started. Danielle is so down to earth, and her warm personality and genuine smile made me feel super comfortable. Her teaching style was very thorough and she really made sure to give each one of us individual attention throughout the day. She helped me to discover functions on my camera that I didn't even know were there, and showed me various tips and techniques for shooting and editing which have made things so much easier for me…and it has only been a week! I'm so glad that I was able to participate in this mentor session and would definitely attend future workshops with Danielle."

-Latoya Osborne Miami, FL

"My experience with Danielle was delightful! I had a great time and left her feeling clearer and more confident about my photo work. From our first online communications to finally meeting in-person, I found her to be professional and thorough as well as endearing and cool. She seemed to be thinking of everything, and I loved that. It made me feel safe to entrust my money, time and creativity with her. Before 1/3 of the day was over I had already learned so much! I've been photographing professionally for about 4 years. Danni related patiently and attentively with me from our first contact through to our wrap-up and departure to access my personal goals and then equip me with simple theories and actionable steps to elevate my current work; provide tips for more focused professional and creative endeavors both now and into the future; and drastically simplify my overall workflow, freeing me up to shoot even better photos straight-out-of-the-camera more and edit less. Money and time well spent. I would take advantage of other instructional offerings from Danielle and encourage photographers at any level to do the same."

-Yolonda Jones Alexandria, VA

"While I was super excited to be mentored by Danni, I was nervous that, as a beginner, I would be lost and probably take away from the other participants who may have been more experienced, with my need for extra assistance. I expressed my concerns to Danni before our group mentor session. She immediately put me at ease, letting me know that I would be able to follow- and I was! Danni made everything so clear and understandable. Even when I had my "beginner questions", she took the time to explain things and walk me through. I never felt uncomfortable nor was I made to feel like I was behind the rest of the class. The session was fun, laid back and professionally done. Danni made sure we had a relaxed environment for learning which helps a lot. I gained so much from the session that I hope to put into practice really soon!"

-Toia Barry Brooklyn, NY


"I am not sure if words can explain how awesome our experience was with DFinney Photography, but we will try! We were looking for a photographer for our wedding, and we were referred to Danni. We could tell from our initial meeting with Danni that we picked the perfect person. Her positive and upbeat spirit was immediately noticeable. That same energy comes through in her work. She made us feel very comfortable during our engagement photo shoot. Despite the cold temps, we actually had fun! The print quality of the photos amazing! The same applied to our wedding photos! Phenomenal!

We could not have asked for a better experience. Danni displayed the utmost professionalism. And just as important, if not more, Danni was an even more awesome person. She is one of our favorite people! We highly recommend DFinney Photography & Design!"

-Devon & Desiree Nickens Alexandria, VA

"After an unfortunate circumstance arose with our previous photographer, we were brought to DFinney Photography via a referral, which ultimately turned-out to be a blessing in disguise. After viewing DFinney Photography's portfolio, we knew that they were our ideal wedding photography vendor. From the initial consultation, there was true chemistry between us and their staff, and we took a great deal of comfort in knowing that they would be shooting our special day.

Since the wedding, we have shared our photos with several family and friends who have all remarked about how impressive the work was. DFinney Photography captured the most essential and intimate moments of our wedding day, and for that reason, the memories will last us a lifetime!

Thanks again to Danielle and Adrian (and their assistant) for all of your dedication to capturing our big day!"

-Ron & Imani Jabali-Vaughn Columbia, MD

"It was a pleasure working with Danielle because she is so down to earth and her shooting style put us at ease. I was scared that the photos might look forced, awkward, or even staged. She provided us with enough technical direction so that the pictures would turn out professional but also allowed us to bond with each other naturally. Danielle wanted us to simply be ourselves while she would capture those special moments. The photo shoot was so much fun and by the end of the day, I was like “Let’s keep going.” My husband said he felt like a celebrity. We got sooooooooo many compliments from our friends and our family that our photos look like gorgeous movie stills. The day of the wedding, since it is an irreplaceable experience, she wanted us to just soak up the moments and enjoy ourselves. She came with her crew and they were flexible, respectful, and prompt. With so much going on that special day, she did not want to add to the stress. I appreciated that. Danielle let my husband and I live in the moment and she quietly captured those priceless memories, which we will always look back fondly.

When we started looking for a wedding photographer, we knew we wanted someone that listened to our requests and let us be ourselves. Not to mention we wanted awesome photos! Danielle definitely exceeded our expectations because she is talented, kind, artistic, intuitive, and a professional photographer– she is a premier photographer! Her work turned out stunning! I would definitely recommend her to someone looking to take beautiful photos, be themselves, and have tons of fun at the same time! We look forward to working with her again when we move on to the next phase of our lives and start a family!"

-Ali & Clare Sarwari Virginia Beach, VA