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Fall will be here before you know it! To make sure you get the most out of this beautiful season, 
below I'm sharing a few tips to help in your planning process!

When is the best time to book?

In short, as soon as possible. If you wait until you see leaves falling, to think about taking fall photos, then you’ve probably waited too late. Fall dates tend to go quickly, and since this is the first year that mini sessions are available for everyone, all the time (no longer being an exclusive service for previous clients), this means you can schedule a mini session at any time!

Here are two things to consider when deciding the date for your session:

How soon do you want your photos?

My turnaround time is about 2 weeks, so if you have an event/deadline you’d like your photos by, be sure to schedule your session well in advance! Due to the level of planning that goes into each session, unfortunately I cannot accommodate last minute bookings.

What’s more important to you: fall colors or cooler temperatures?

If your main reason for wanting to take photos in the fall is to capture the beauty of the season, I have a cheat code for you: aim for late October through early December. A number of factors determine how colorful each fall season will be, but for the DC area, I’ve found that time frame to be the best bet for great fall colors. If cooler temps are what you’re all about and fall colors aren’t a make or break for you, aim for late September through mid October, although you're more than welcome to book a later session as well.

Check out the photos below for an idea of what the fall colors may look like for your session. Feel free to click any photo to enlarge and view as a slideshow.

Now that you’ve got your date planned, the next question is...

what do I wear?

Fall fashions are quite possibly my favorite fashions of all! Although I don't tell my clients what to wear, I do provide a Pinterest board with seasonal wardrobe inspiration. In the end, I want your photos to be a true reflection of you, so I don't have any colors or prints that I suggest wearing or staying away from. But, I do have a few things to keep in mind when choosing wardrobe for fall photos:

late September to early October
At the beginning of fall, you can get away with the cute (read: thin lol) fall fashions. The weather is still warm so your photos can LOOK like fall without it having to feel like it.

late October to mid November
Mid fall season, temperatures are on the decline. Sometimes we can end up with a warm day, other times we may end up with unexpectedly cold weather. Layers are key here, we need form AND function :) Be sure that your outfit is not only attractive, but one that will keep you warm if the weather happens to be chillier than expected. 

late November to early December
Winter is around the corner, so be prepared for cold weather. With the exception of a random warm day here or there, you should expect that it will be chilly for your session. What does that mean for wardrobe? Warm garments, layers, attractive outerwear, and cold weather accessories (scarves, hats, etc).

Regardless of when you choose to take photos, if your session will be with 2 or more people, it's best to stick to a complimenting color palette (see example photos for reference), as this tends to photograph much better than everyone being in the same color.

In short: if you plan to take fall photos, please be prepared for possible cold weather and dress accordingly. 

Wardrobe is all set! The next, question is...

Where will we take photos?

This is THE most frequently asked question, regardless of the season lol. If you've ever wondered why everyone's wardrobe coordinates so well with their surroundings, it's because I select the location after seeing wardrobe.

That's it?! That's it.

Unless my client has a location they'd like to use, once I know the session goal(s) and see a photo of their wardrobe, I'll select the perfect location! One that not only coordinates well with wardrobe, but one that will fit the feel of their session. During the fall season, this does NOT always mean that I'll select a location that has fall colors, so please make sure to let me know if including fall colors in your session is preferred.

That's it! I hope these tips will help you feel a bit more confident as you move forward with your fall photo session!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to shoot me an email.

All set and ready to book? Click the button below to view current availability and secure your session:

I can't wait to create magic with you this fall season!

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